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The Characteristics of Vacuum Capacitors

Compared with other media capacitors, vacuum capacitors is resistance to high pressure, small size, low loss, stable and reliable performance characteristics. Details is in the following aspects:

1) Rated voltage: because the vacuum has the properities of high dielectric strength, dustproof pollution, moisture and others, vacuum capacitors have high rated voltage for a given size and capacity. High up to hundreds of thousands volts.

2) Low loss and high rated cuttent: since the capacitor is using the structure of vacuum medium and low loss ceramic shell and oxygen-free copper electrode. In the case of general convection cooling, even at high frequencies, vacuum capacitor can also go through a large RF currents. If you use a special water cooling structure, the radio frequency can be up to thousands of amperes.

3) Save space: for a given capacitance and rated voltage, vacuum capacitors need smallest space.

4) Wide adjustment range: maximum capacity and minimum capacity ratio is up to 150:1, it is an ideal component of wide tuning range.

5) Overvoltage healing ability: vacuum capacitors can withstand transient overvoltage. But for other capacitor, will cause permanent damage.

6) Ability to work in high altitude: vacuum capacitor with vacuum seal can operate at high altitude without performance decrease.

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