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The Advantages of Solid State Relay

Solid state relay is a contactless switch composed by micro-electronic circuit, separated electron device and electronic power device. It own several advantages below.

(1) High Reliability and Long Life

There are no mechanical parts in solid state relay and it is solid state devices that completes the function of contact. Solid state relay can work under the environment of high impact and vibration because there is no mobile part in it. The intrinsic properties of its components make solid state relay own the characteristics of high reliability and long life.

(2) High Sensitivity, Low Control Power and Good Electromagnetic Compatibility

The wide-range input voltage and low driving power of solid state relay make it able to compatible with most logic integrated circuits without the need for bumpers or drives.

(3) Quick Switch

The switching speed of solid state relay can be from a few milliseconds to a few microseconds due to adopting solid state devices.

(4) Slight Electromagnetic Interference

There are no input "coil", touch to ignite arc as well as rebound in solid state relay. Therefore, electromagnetic interference is reduced.

Solid State Relay

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