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The Notice of Medical Oxygen Cylinder

The notice of medical oxygen cylinder.

1, Must go to statutory medical oxygen filling station when filling oxygen;

2, Humidifiers tilt prohibited;

3, The using environment temperature can not exceed 40 degrees Celsius;

4, The cylinder switch, turned on or off should be slow, don't too hard;

5, Oxygen supply should be non-contaminated oil, non-collision, not throw, away from heat, fire and flammable items, and avoid strong direct sunlight, can not paste plaster;

6, Not during the period of using, the cylinder switch must be turned off.

7, The oxygen pressure inside the cylinder shall not be less than 0.05MPa;

8, Do not continue to use when the medical oxygen cylinder failure occurred, also do not get optional disassembly. Timely contact your dealer or manufacturer.

9, According to the time on stamp of cylinder shoulder, every three years, to have the statutory qualifications test unit for medical oxygen cylinder testing;

10, Patients with hypoxic disease, should select the size of the oxygen flow under the guidance of doctors;

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Medical Oxygen Cylinder

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