AONOVO has been engaged in providing industrial electronics, welding & cutting equipment and supplies, and clean energy equipment for several decades. We have our own machinery imports and exports power, professional technical force, which combines design, making, installing, debugging, trial production, training and so on as a one-stop service.

AONOVO ELECTRONICS is specializing in industrial electronics, including electron tube, ceramic capacitor, vacuum capacitor, power semiconductor, vacuum interrupter, relay and contactor etc, which have been widely used in various fields. With over these years’ success in the vacuum tube business, we provide the highest standard of quality and service. We provide expert assistance in selecting replacement products and alternatives, using our extensive cross reference library to offer better selection and price on more products with lower across-the-board shipping costs.

AONOVO Welding & Cutting is professional in supplying welding materials (wires, electrodes and fluxes), and metallurgical machines mainly including HF steel pipe welding plant, steel pipe rolling plant, roll and so on. For rolls, there are plate rolling mill roll, Section rolling mill roll, building material rolling mill roll and various shafts. Furthermore, we can produce reduction box, connection machine, universal joint, through water cooling, plate bending rolls, trimming shears, lath cutter, flattening machine and so on. The material of work-piece is: cast iron, high manganese, low alloy, high chromium-alloy, low chromium-alloy infinite chilling etc.

AONOVO ENERGY professionally develops and sells clean energy equipment including GAS equipment with the advantages of high efficiency, energy saving, low pollution, economical and practical as well as easy installation etc. It has become a new process, new tendency for the industrial heating, drying and heat perversion. Our products, including HP Seamless cylinders, HP jumbo tube, skid and trailer, cryogenic cylinders and tanks and other pressure vessels , have been widely used in different fields such as metal processing, agriculture, catering and service industry etc. And our engineering technical staffs, manager group and technical workers are professional in the manufacturing of pressure vessel, has set up a series of business projects: designing and manufacturing process, technical development & service and test.

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