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Transportation and Storage of Oxygen Cylinder

1, Transportation

a, Oxygen cylinder are the container storing high pressure oxygen, which is volume of 40L, working pressure of 15MPa. According to regulations, the appearance of oxygen bottles painted sky blue, with black marked "oxygen."

b, Before transportation, check if the lip valve is complete, the bottle, the bottle mouth if there is oil, etc.

c, When loading and unloading, cylinder lip and the valve are in the same direction, do not collide with each other to damage and explosions.

d, Other flammable gas can not be shipped in the same vehicles.

e, Use canvas cover when oxygen cylinder transported under strong sunlight.

2, Storage

a, Storage and use should be to prevent contaminated with oil: must steady and reliable when placed, should not be mixed with other cylinders; not allow exposure, broiled and beat to prevent an explosion. Storehouse can not put flammable materials around.

b, Inside temperature should not exceed 30 degrees Celsius, from the heat and fire at 10 meters away.

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